In order to access the Dynamic Computing Services Portal, you first need to log in to the Swisscom Extranet with the administrator account. This information was provided to you by email upon the onboarding of your organisation into the Dynamic Computing Services. The Extranet is the entry point for all Swisscom eServices. Once you are logged in (see section below Extranet Login Process), you will be able to choose between managing the accounts of your organisation (see section below Extranet user administration) or log into the Dynamic Computing Services Portal (see section Dynamic Computing Sevices Portal).

Extranet Login Process

After your account has been successfully created, two separate emails containing your login information are sent to the email address you provided. You can then access your Extranet account through the following link: http://extranet.swisscom.ch

Extranet login

(1) Fill in your user name and password to log in to your Extranet account.

Extranet user administration

To learn how to create, erase and modify accounts in your organisation, please read section 3 User administration as a master user in the Extranet User Guide that you can find using the link below (extranet login is needed to access this document):

Creating a new user

To create a new user account the following three steps are required (for more details please refer to the Extranet User Guide mentioned above):

Step 1 – Create user

In this first step it is important that the user name and email address are unique and that the mobile phone number is correct (since a token will be sent to this mobile phone number by SMS in order to allow access to the DCS Portal). The new user will then receive an email to confirm the email address by clicking on the given link. The new user account will only be active after validating the email address by the user.

Step 2 – Assign user rights

Once the user account has been created, assign which eServices the new user account is authorized to use. In this case: Dynamic Computing Services.

Step 3 – Assign a contract

In the last step, users have to be assigned to contracts to provide them with authorization. The two possible options for Dynamic Computing Services are following:

  • Customer Admin Technical (CAT): the user is allowed to create, erase and modify any Dynamic Computing Services through the Dynamic Computing Services Portal
  • Customer Admin Commercial (CAC): the user has read only access to the Dynamic Computing Services Portal, particularly for the verification of prices, order history, etc.


  • You must be the administrator of your organisation in order to have the rights to create, erase and modify other accounts. Once created, the activation of a new account will only take some minutes before it is ready to use.
  • Any new account must be assigned to user rights and to a contract in order to gain access to the Dynamic Computing Services Portal (see section above Creating a new user).

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